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Starting is easy. Building great products is hard. Selling is the toughest.

After investing in over 100 companies since 2012 our focus shifted towards finding repeatable and sustainable business models, helping our startups scale and grow their business, close their next funding round and continuously learn along the way. We provide early stage funding from pre-seed to Series A, and access to a tightly knit community of mentors, partners, and investors to help projects reach the next level.

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Sectors we invest in: Saas, Hardware, Insure Tech, Med Tech, Clean Tech ... etc.

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For Companies

We are looking for companies that have already built a product and are looking for the partners and resources to help them grow and scale their business. We’ll invest in incremental steps starting from pre-seed tickets (EUR 25k-100k) and supporting our portfolio companies through their seed and Series A round with up to EUR 1m in total funding from Eleven.

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For Mentors

Our mentors are our most valued asset. More than 200 mentors from all walks of life have helped and supported our companies grow and succeed. It is a demanding task, and if you are up to the challenge, find out how to become a mentor at Eleven here.


For Investors

More than 100 angels and a number of VC funds have invested in excess of 15 million Euros with us across more than 50 companies from our portfolio. If you are interested in investing in specific company from our portfolio, or want to get regular updates on ongoing funding rounds please, fill-out this short form.