2017 Startup Events

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2017 Startup Events

We believe that startup events can be very useful, but can also be a huge waste of time and money (our thoughts on startup events here). So while trying to make the best of 2017 startup conferences, we've put together a list of the already announced and anticipated events.

To Work or Net-work?

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To Work or Net-work?

Startup founders  have to choose between going to events and working on their startups, and there is a trade-off here, so we felt like sharing a word of advice with our startup founders at Eleven. Here are some thoughts about startup conferences.

Eleven 2.0

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Eleven 2.0

We are shifting gears. We’ll invest more time and money in less companies. We invested about EUR 12m in 115 companies during the last 3 years. We’ll invest about EUR 15m more in the next couple of years, but mostly in the top performers of our existing portfolio and only about 15 new companies per year.

Scoutee Closed a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

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Scoutee Kickstarter Campaign

Last week Scoutee scored over $53,000 on Kickstarter! The Slovenians from Eleven's 8th batch developed the world's first smart speed radar for baseball and sold over 340 pieces in a month. While they keep getting pre-orders from all over the world, we asked Majda, co-founder and CMO, to share some insights from Scoutee's crowdfunding experience.

Eleven: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

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In a nutshell:We came from (almost) nowhere, but we did it faster than anybody else.We are more than an accelerator.We are going to change the VC world from the bottom up.

The European Accelerators in Numbers 2014

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Eleven is the third most active accelerator by number of investments in Europe according to our second internal research on the competitive landscape in Europe for 2014.