Less than three months ago, in September, we announced our fourth batch of fantastic startups that joined the family. Today, we are happy to share our latest additions from batch 5, to enter the Roof early next year, but not before we share some insights and brag a little.

We have been investing for a little over a year now, and for that time we have reviewed thousands of projects, met hundreds of entrepreneurs and invested in 46 companies – about one each week. But there is one number which is even more important – 121 (yeah, I know, 11 squared, but again – not intentional). This is the number of the founders of these 46 companies, and it will be safe to assume, a good chunk of the high-tech entrepreneurs in the region. Combined with the few hundred mentors within Eleven’s network, the outreach of this community is enormous.

This showed up clearly at our last Selection Days, when 20 teams from Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, and, of course, Bulgaria, spent 54 hours in Startup Weekend style discussing their project and presentations with our alumni founders as mentors. We are so excited to present the ten teams that stole the show at the selection day.

Sale With Me

Despite the odd name, Boian and Bozhidar are doing exactly what we like to see in our teams – a simple, straightforward solution that aims to disrupt the POS market for small and medium outlets. With deep industry expertise and hacker skills, the team was the perfect fit for the project.

Edgar the Storyteller

With a great story to tell, Damjan’s Edgar managed to lull us all into investing in their project. But seriously, everyone has a story to tell, and Edgar is exactly the tool for SMEs to make these stories fascinating. Hurray for our first Slovenians on board.


With one foot through Eleven’s door, the Serbian Farmia has one more milestone to hit before we seal the deal. Aiming to change the way livestock producers interact with the buyers, from introductions to transportation and payment. Being introduced by our friend, mentor and scout Vukasin Stojkov, only helped.

Find Your Match

Part of the team of the project just leveled up from mentor and advisor to founder at Eleven, and so far our experience with such transitions has been great. Targeting the difficult space of job search and matching, the team is using power tools including semantics and analytics.

Join The Players

brings the amateur sports experience closer to the professional game by offering video and highlights of mini-football matches. Well into the project, the team needs just a small push to conquer the world. It’s the 3rd or 4th startup of some of the founders, but this time they have nailed it.


All founders at Eleven being into some sport, and half of them – into extreme ones, Ilko and Joe had an easy task into liking their sports networking platform. Being close to the market themselves, the guys had an easy sell.

Party With Me

We’ve looked into the entertainment industry before, but not the way Ned and Dimitar do. Integrating most recent technology achievements in real life situations, they hit a sweet spot with wearable hardware.


Another wearable gadget coming straight from the last Startup Weekend Sofia.  And our second team after Magin having underaged founders. Sorry moms. Don't forget to vote for Stepsss at Global Startup Battle.


We first met Bojan and his team this summer in sunny Budva, where they were officially announced the first ever Montenegro startup to pitch to an audience. Well, they pitched their guided tours portal into Eleven. Another first, both tourism wise and country-of-origin-wise.


An all-star team from Serbia, with years of expertise and a few successful projects behind, Ivan and Prvoslav are aiming high with teamwork collaboration tool. As the internal jokes go, having an Ivan in the team got them half way through, and the rest was easy.

The community grows naturally but what really matters is the quality of the projects. What makes us extremely happy is the fact that start-ups are becoming better and better with every batch. These teams have gloriously won the first battle, but the struggle is just about to begin and a lot of hard work needs to be done in the next few months. Good news is that with so much positive energy on their side and a lot of support on ours, everything is possible. Let’s wish them good luck and welcome them on board!