Startup Events


We believe that startup events can be very useful, but can also be a huge waste of time and money (our thoughts on startup events here). So while trying to make the best of 2017 startup conferences, we've put together a list of the already announced and anticipated events.

If you want to add your event to this list or update the information about it, send it out to us at 2017events{at}11{dot}me.

We've marked with (*) events where not all details are yet announced, and we've put some assumptions to the month and length of the event.


Puntatech, Uruguay
15-January - 17-January

Unconvention, Brussles
23-January - 26-January

Sofia AI, Sofia
26-January - 27-January

Ludicious, Zurich
26-January - 29-January


Ecommerce Berlin Expo, Berlin
02-February - 03-February

SaaStr Annual 2017, San Francisco
07-February - 09-February

TechChill, Riga
09-February - 11-February

0100 Conference, Vienna
16-February - 17-February

Startup Grind, Redwood City (SV)
21-February - 23-February

Startup Turkey, Antalya
23-February - 26-February

4YFN  Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
27-February - 02-March

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
27-February - 03-March

GDC 2017, San Francisco
27-February - 04-March


Wearable Technology Show, London
07-March - 09-March

SXSW, Austin
10-March - 19-March

CeBIT, Hanover
20-March - 25-March

Wolves Summit, Warsaw
28-March - 30-March

Slush Tokyo, Tokyo
29-March - 31-March


Seedstarsworld, Lousanne
05-April - 07-April

The Human Gathering, Los Angeles
06-April - 09-April

Launch Festival, San Francisco
06-April - 08-April

Startup Camp, Berlin
07-April - 09-April

Webit Festival, Sofia
25-April - 27-April

ICON, Phoenix
25-April - 28-April

Startup Ole, Salamanca
26-April - 28-April


Collision, New Orleans
02-May - 05-May

Arctic15, Helsinki
03-May - 06-May

Growco, New Orleans
08-May - 11-May

Podim Conference, Maribor
10-May - 12-May

DLD, New York City
10-May - 12-May

TechCrunch Disrupt, New York
15-May - 17-May

Infoshare, Gdansk
17-May - 20-May

The Next Web, Amsterdam
18-May - 20-May

Brandminds 2017, Bucharest
22-May - 23-May

Latituted 59, Talinn
25-May - 27-May

Login, Vilnius
25-May - 27-May, Budva, Montenegro
29-May - 31-May

World Business Forum, Sydney
31-May - 02-June


Pioneers Festival, Vienna
01-June - 03-June

Next Gen Summit*, New York
01-June - 01-June

Shift, Split
01-June - 03-June

White Bull summits, Barcelona
05-June - 07-June

Digital|K, Sofia
08-June - 10-June

The Europas, London
13-June - 14-June

Enterprise Digital Summit, Paris
19-June - 21-June


World Domination Summit*, Portland
01-July - 08-July

Tech Open Air, Berlin
12-July - 15-July


Webrazzi Summit*, Istanbul
01-September - 03-September

Startup Istanbul*, Instanbul
01-September - 03-September

The Conference, Malmo
04-September - 06-September

Pirates Summit, Cologne
06-September - 08-September

TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco
18-September - 20-September

Bits and Pretzels, Munich
24-September - 27-September


South Summit*, Madrid
01-October - 03-October

Inc. 5000, Palm Desert
10-October - 13-October

Innowave Startup 2017, Varna
15-October - 16-October


BDL Accelerate*, Beirut
01-November - 04-November

Belgrade Venture Forum*, Belgrade
01-November - 03-November

How to Web*, Bucharest
01-November - 03-November

Summit, Los Angeles
03-November - 07-November

Web Summit, Lisbon
06-November - 10-November

Enterprise Digital Summit, London
15-November - 17-November

Hub Conference, Berlin
28-November - 29-November

Slush, Helsinki
30-November - 02-December


Le Web*, Paris
01-December - 01-December