The Success Story of Footballscout

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Telling a good story is far more difficult than people expect because each one of us finds different things interesting. Very often, when we speak at conferences or do interviews, people ask us which are our favorite startups. Firstly, we don’t have more favorite and less favorite startups – we are very democratic towards our startups and we like them all equally. Secondly, no matter how hard we try, we cannot make a good story out of this question. However, if you ask us “Tell us one of your success stories”, then we will be more than pleased, flattered and disposed to tell you all the catchy details that make a good story really awesome. Here’s one.

10 New Teams will Join Eleven Next January

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Less than three months ago, in September, we announced our fourth batch of fantastic startups that joined the family. Today, we are happy to share our latest additions from batch 5, to enter the Roof early next year, but not before we share some insights and brag a little.

Fail Fast Fallacy

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At every startup conference (we’ve been to a lot) there’s usually at least one important d*ck to propagate the bullsh*t fail fast mantra in his or her presentation. Usually it goes with other copy paste advices for startups, including the exact opposite perseverance slide.

Pivots, the Signs of Learning

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Guest post by Marko Francekovic, founder at Hungrio, a company invested by Eleven.

Start Trek 2013, Balkan Tour

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Eleven and LauncHUB, the two most active early stage investors in Europe, are organizing a series of meetups with entrepreneurs from CEE starting October 14 in Belgrade, and followed on the 15th in Zagreb, 16th – Banja Luka, 17th – Podgorica and 18th – Pristina. The two funds organize the events in partnership with, Microsoft, and local players in the startup community, and the kind support of Netokracija and Start.It.

Startup Ideas We'd Like to Fund

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As we enter our 2nd year, I’ll mention a few domains that are of particular interest to us.