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The Impostor’s Syndrome Or Why You Need To Believe In Your Own Success

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A new year starts, a lot of new resolutions ensue. In startup business, that usually means working even harder, going to more high-level networking events to make contacts and scaling your business tremendously. But what does it mean on a personal level? Is working hard the only key to success?

The Success Story of Footballscout

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Telling a good story is far more difficult than people expect because each one of us finds different things interesting. Very often, when we speak at conferences or do interviews, people ask us which are our favorite startups. Firstly, we don’t have more favorite and less favorite startups – we are very democratic towards our startups and we like them all equally. Secondly, no matter how hard we try, we cannot make a good story out of this question. However, if you ask us “Tell us one of your success stories”, then we will be more than pleased, flattered and disposed to tell you all the catchy details that make a good story really awesome. Here’s one.