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8 Tips to Impress Early Stage Investors

in Eleven, Learning

As part of Eleven, I have reviewed several thousand applications in the last two years, 83 of which made it to the end and received a total of over 5 million Euro investment from us. But along the way we maybe passed on some great ideas simply because these were poorly explained. So before you jump to F6S, locate the first open acceleration program and file your application, let me walk you through process so you can make the best out of your project.

On Bridges and Overlaps

in Eleven, Learning

There are few, if any, bonds between the local communities in the CEE region, and some of the communities themselves are fragmented to the point where we were introducing entrepreneurs from the same city to each other.

On the Road with “Start Trek”

in Eleven

In this series inventures joins startup community builders in their adventures on the road. Vesselina Tasheva shares the roadtrip experience from Eleven’s point of view.