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The Success Story of Footballscout

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Telling a good story is far more difficult than people expect because each one of us finds different things interesting. Very often, when we speak at conferences or do interviews, people ask us which are our favorite startups. Firstly, we don’t have more favorite and less favorite startups – we are very democratic towards our startups and we like them all equally. Secondly, no matter how hard we try, we cannot make a good story out of this question. However, if you ask us “Tell us one of your success stories”, then we will be more than pleased, flattered and disposed to tell you all the catchy details that make a good story really awesome. Here’s one.

10 New Teams will Join Eleven Next January

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Less than three months ago, in September, we announced our fourth batch of fantastic startups that joined the family. Today, we are happy to share our latest additions from batch 5, to enter the Roof early next year, but not before we share some insights and brag a little.

The New Ten

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by Dilyan Dimitrov, founder at Eleven Accelerator Venture FundIt was a great summer for Eleven. Doing this, and returning back in the beginning of September, exactly one year after we moved in the Roof with our first batch of 11 companies. It felt almost like the changeover to a new calendar year – a perfect opportunity to reflect on what we learned during the past 12 months; set exciting new goals for the year ahead, and start taking action to achieve those goals. It is like starting Eleven once again – breaking the patterns and habits of the past year and reinvigorating the way we operate. And what better way to do this, than with a brand new batch of exciting startups, joining our family on Monday, 16 September. 

Meet the Lucky 13 - Who is Joining Eleven’s Third Batch on April 8?

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by Maxim Gurvits

Unioncy is Now Officially Up!

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We’re proud to say that Unioncy, your online treasure trove and best mate for organizing your personal belongings and discovering new products, is officially launching today.

Eleven's New Magnificent 8 and Some Other Numbers

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We’re off to a rolling start in 2013, with the 8 new Eleven teams starting at Eleven HQ in Sofia on January 7. In case you missed it, here are our exciting new companies.