Just two years after we started, in September 2012, we are happy to announce our seventh, and so far - largest, batch of fifteen companies to join the accelerator. As always, we have teams and founders from all over the world, including our first Portuguese team and first founder from Macedonia.

The new batch adds 48 new founders to our community, now reaching over 250 founders from more than 22 countries around the world. Add that to our 250+ mentors, and you get an idea of the Eleven community.

If you want to be a part of the Eleven family, you will get a chance very soon - we will open our 8th application window on September 29 at the launch of Start Trek (our 10-day tour of the startup communities of Central and Eastern Europe) in Istanbul. If you want to learn more about Start Trek or want to join the tour, contact Vessy or Dilyan.

And now please, meet Eleven’s new fifteen.

Dextrophobia Rooms, Bulgaria

Coming from the first batch of Start It Smart’s Pre-Accelerator comes the first in Bulgaria real-life room escape games. Rules are simple - one room, one team, one hour, one exit.

So Fly, Portugal

SoFly is a companion that shares your passion for TV and allows you to socially interact, shop and effortlessly discover what's on screen.

Book a Boat, Serbia

Book A Boat connects people and islands - a connection between boat owners and people who are looking for boat transportation.

Dronamics, Bulgaria

Development and production of Unmanned Aerial Systems for commercial use and special logistics missions, or in other words, drones that can transport heavy stuff in less time and further.

Coprix Media, Serbia

These guys gamify official curricula, create education for tablet generation, help teachers keep the kids' focus, provide detailed statistics.

Cyber City, Serbia

Another successful graduate of Start It’s Startup Academy joins Eleven’s ranks. A web and visitor (traffic) builder for alternative sub cultures and lifestyles (steampunk, tattoo, gothic, comics, magic, alternative music).

Traincamp.ME, Bulgaria

An intelligent platform that takes the entire ecosystem of "on and off-line" resources and offers it to the user in a meaningful way.

U:Plug, Slovenia

The Power Outlet Reinvented. Beautifully designed, simple & elegant solution for charging all your electronics right from the wall outlet.

AVSD, Bulgaria

A platform for designing, visualizing and analyzing software in a 3D environment.

Arthesis, Bulgaria

A 3d printed custom made cosmetic cover for people with leg prosthesis.

Tryad Games, Bulgaria

Creating the next engaging billion dollars mobile game by reinventing the massively multiplayer online (MMO) space for mobile.

Golden Media, Bulgaria

Golden Media owns the Golden Pages brand - the most comprehensive, reliable, accessible and valuable source of business information in Bulgaria.

Melissa Climate, Bulgaria

Smart management for your air conditioning unit, allowing 25% savings on power consumption.

Phantom Login, Bulgaria

Revolutionary new password system, adding an extra level of security to your device.

Race Cloud, Bulgaria

First ever live telemetry for go karting.

So, what is new about this batch 7? Well our largest group of companies to date boasts more Eleven mentors (4) turned co-founders of Eleven backed companies than in any previous batch, more hardware startups (6), and more companies (5) boasting third party investors from day one.

This time was the first where we did not launch our program in Sofia, but in Bansko, and started building bonds among the teams from the start. Design Thinking is again the cornerstone of our program, but this time even better. And finally, this is our first time to apply our new Eleven 100 terms across all teams. If you want to learn more, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our regular updates.