“We should be doing this more often” was the general take from our London week. And it was not about the city... London was its usual not very hospitable self during this part of the year...it was all about the people we met.

But first things first, a big thank you to Google. Once again it was not so much about the place, Google Campus, which hosted us, but about the 20 or more Googlers that met the teams, mentored them and gave them genuine feedback. And our teams loved them. Google has a very entrepreneurial culture and its people are either ex or future startupers, so they are on one hand very empathic to the pains of growing your idea and on the other hand very experienced in various fields.

A few more independent mentors joined us as well, so at the end of the day, we could confirm what we were already suspecting. We have great people in Sofia, but it helps to go to a different city and approach each startup from a fresh and non-domestic perspective. We are sure that similar mutually beneficial meetings could come from other cities with a vibrant entrepreneurial scene, starting from Santiago, going through Berlin and reaching out to Singapore. We could learn something new and get better when we visit these great entrepreneurial hubs while leaving a bit of our own local flavor behind.

The actual demo day was also fun. As it goes with demo days these days, it’s more for the show and FootballScout outdid it by having Dimitar Berbatov come for their pitch and endorse their launch. As for the VCs, the teams had the opportunity to meet some of them one-on-one over the next couple of days with Filement and Farmhopping scoring the most meetings.

So without much further ado about London, here’s what some of the teams shared about it:

“Sensika took so much from the Eleven Demo Day in London. We got tons of useful product and business feedback from smart and bright folks: Googlers, VCs, potential clients, and experts. We established contacts with people that loved what we do and could support us in our quest. We understood the point of interest of VCs.” Konstantin Christoff from Sensika.

MeisterPlus will continue to rock on, applying the experience that all awesome Google mentors shared with us! The whole week in London was amazing and we can not wait for the next demo days! Hopefully, even more teams will join and benefit from this opportunity.” Stoyan Irinkov from MeisterPlus.

“Eleven Demo Day was a door opening experience for us" Hristo Alexiev from Playground.

“USEFUL and AWESOME! We want more :) The mentors really understood the idea behind Eventyard, and they liked it a lot. Probably because London is a huge world party center and many artists have started their career from there.” Kiril Velkov from Eventyard.

Ulympix was delighted to meet Google. They helped us greatly validate our design ideas with their seasoned user experience experts, and hone on our value proposition with their business experts.” Daniel Lorer from Ulympix.

KeenSkim got accelerated mentoring at the London Campus. You can see Google was involved: besides the great feedback and insights, we got some great suggestions on how to make the KeenSkim experience even better. Would love to have those Googlers on the team.” Tudor Vlad from KeenSkim.

HintOrTwo's week in London was helpful and frankly inspiring. We gained a lot of useful insights into future product development and marketing strategies from brilliant Googlers, VC's and mentors. It's not every day that you get the chance to have your business viewed from such a perspective. Best of luck to Eleven's next batch. It's an opportunity you don't want to miss.” Maria Shishmanova from HintOrTwo.

“For La Koketa demo days at Google Campus, London were extremely beneficial and exciting. Our key strategic lines were validated by people with invaluable technological expertise and diverse background. The most cherished experience for La Koketa was the advent of fresh perspectives for product development and the potential for new strategic partnerships.” Angelina Krasteva from La Koketa.

For us at Eleven, this was our first more focused endeavor of going outside our region with more of our teams. This is an integral part of our strategy to tackle the isolation syndrome that many other local startups face. Was it enough? No. But we are very persistent and methodical in what we do. Next time it shall be Dublin, Berlin, San Francisco, Tel Aviv... and London again :)