We are happy to announce that the amazing 9th batch of Eleven startups has conquered the Roof! We chose 14 out of more than 400 companies that applied for investment in February this year. The accepted teams have gone through a 3-stage selection process including local interviews in Serbia, Croatia and Romania and a final meeting with the investment committee in Bulgaria.

Counting Season 9, our portfolio has now grown to the “insane”, as Jon Bradford said at the last Demo Day, 107 teams from 14 countries, which takes Eleven to the top 3 most active investors in Europe, according to a recently published independent research on the investment climate in Europe.
The 9th group of startups is quite diverse with 3 non-IT and 2 hardware projects, 2 games and 7 software solutions mostly B2B and SaaS oriented. And here they are - enjoy!

Appzio (Bulgaria/Finland)

Appzio is Software as a Service platform that allows businesses to create native mobile applications without writing a single line of code. The system allows full customization through a number of app components that the user can combine according to their needs.

BinCode (Serbia)

BinCode is a development company currently working on Svarog - a Slavic Diablo game, giving players chance to enjoy an infinite combo of quests in a blend of role-play and strategy game-play. The monetization of the company comes from in-app purchases.

Budo Finder (Montenegro)

Budo Finder is a marketplace for connecting Japanese martial arts practitioners with clubs, events and equipment suppliers. The platform has more than 500 registered clubs from all over the world in only six months.

Buscador (Serbia)

Buscador is a mobile app for simple and safe discovery of remote routes and spots in nature and national parks. The founder of the company is a passionate climber who has reached the highest peaks in the world, including Everest. Every year there are millions of euros spent on rescue missions due to people getting lost in the wild nature. Buscador aims to save these costs through a reliable offline mapping and navigation, while empowering people to explore the beauty of the nature.

CoKitchen (Bulgaria)

CoKitchen is a co-working space for cooks where healthy home-made food is prepared by freelancing food experts and delivered to offices. CoKitchen resolves a number of issues professional cooks face, such as unbearable investment in kitchen appliances when opening a restaurant, or lack of flexibility of the working hours when being employed.

Easymatic (Bulgaria)

Easymatic is an industrial automation software company providing lightweight development tools suitable for engineers. The company aims to simplify the software development process and help industrial engineers build the solutions they need on an easy to navigate platform called Incontrol Studio ®.

Enso (Bulgaria)

Enso is an intelligent music curator that serves the perfect soundtrack for the moment. Enso is developing an algorithm that suggests tracks based on the listener's preferences and environment, rather than the interests of other listeners.

EUROgenyx (Serbia)

Recent studies show that almost half of children with autism had run away at least once - and many of them were missing long enough to cause concern. EUROgenyx (Serbia) develops an indoor and outdoor tracking system for people with autism which is hidden in their clothing and is nearly impossible to remove.

GamingBattleGround (Croatia)

GamingBattleGround is a platform for organization of gaming tournaments. It provides amateur video gamers with the opportunity to monetize their long hours of gaming and convert their hobby into a business.

iGreet (Bulgaria)

iGreet brings static greeting cards to life by using augmented reality technology. The company has already launched its app in both iOS and Android and is already selling its greeting cards in US. Currently, the team is working on customization and more designs.

mBrainTrain (Serbia)

mBrainTrain develops wearable devices for reading electrical brain activity, or the so called “hearables”. Not long ago, the recording of brain activity in natural environments was impossible with traditional equipment. mBrainTrain is bringing this commodity to the consumer market, helping people reduce stress, optimize work routine, increase mental health, track vitals, interact with surroundings and more.

Perpetto (Bulgaria)

Perpetto allows online stores to leverage social and behavior data to present users with personalized recommendations. With Perpetto’s recommendations online shops can easily generate up to 18% more revenue each month.

Rocket Heater Gamera (Bulgaria)

Rocket Heater Gamera is a hard fuel heater that has minimum amount of emissions and consumes considerably less fuel than the existing solutions. The secret is in the design of the burning chambers which brings up to 9 times greater efficiency.

Wonder Paint (Bulgaria)

Wonder Paint is a dry-erase paint which transforms interior spaces such as walls and furniture into grounds for writing, drawing and co-sharing of ideas. The solution is perfect for households with small children and schools.