by Teodora Mircheva

A year and a half and 57 startups later, this February we announced our new program Eleven 100 - a complement to our standard acceleration offering, that appreciates the needs of more advanced startups. Just like every startup launching a pilot version, we were anxious to see if there are kickass companies out there which already know what their customers want and need just a gentle push to become profitable. And the result was fascinating. Almost half the companies from the sixth application window applied for Eleven 100. It was not easy, but we filtered out 5 startups for Eleven 100 and 6 for our Standard Acceleration Program, stepping in the Roof after the spring holidays.

Making the best selection is never easy but the real deal came when we started designing a program suitable for both early stage and advanced startups. However, being the third most active accelerator in Europe with 5 standard cohorts and one specialized behind our back helps. So we gathered about 20 of our best current founders and alumni in our newly opened Design Thinking Lab and analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of every single activity we had done in the past months. This was followed by brainstorming sessions on making the whole Eleven experience even more helpful for everybody and the result is a 3-month program combining our best practices with heavy emphasis on Sales, Design Thinking, Pitching and curated mentorship, starting on April 22.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce the new 11 all-star teams:

Stigni Mobile

With significant traction and deep roots in the industry, the Stigni Mobile team impressed us with its application for online sales of bus tickets, up to date information and tips for the buses in Central and Eastern Europe.


We have met the team of Qlibri several times before, pitching different projects to us, and their ideas have been getting better and better, til finally, they hit the bull's eye with their CMS platform for mobile apps, enabling small businesses to easily and instantly build their own mobile apps and mobile websites.

Box Garden

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from and what’s in it? With Box Garden you don’t have to do that anymore. The team is developing an automated appliance allowing people to grow fresh herbs and vegetables in their home fast, easy, cheap and year round.


After taking the first step in the recruitment market with, we are bravely diving deeper in this conservative field. Enhancv is a SaaS that enables young and talented people to jump-start their career by representing themselves in the best possible light.

Author Insights

Dejan Nikolic, co-founder of Author Insights, impressed us with presentation skills, years of experience in the field and… his size. All these combined, we just couldn´t say no to their multi-sided web analytics platform for data-driven evaluation and ranking of content and its creators' performance across websites. (Eleven 100)

With more than 60 companies always on the hunt for investors, an inhouse tool linking startups and investors seems like a fantastic idea. is the easiest way to discover and invest in startups with minimal effort.

Strawberry energy (Eleven 100)

After making the headlines in Serbia and international press, STree has finally landed in Bulgaria to grow. Strawberry energy gives the answer to people’s need for recharging, socializing and connecting; it is a unique social hub which builds an emotional connection.

Adormo (Eleven 100)

After traveling the world for the last 10 years, Luca from Adormo has joined our program with his vacation rentals distribution platform. It brings customers to vacation rentals owners through a professional service of online distribution. This is actually another bold move for Eleven in a tough market, after the success of our first tourism startup TourVia.Me.

Kratos Technology (Eleven 100)

Yet another Eleven mentor converted into an entrepreneur, the founder of Kratos has been part of the family since the very start. One day out of the blue he came along with his E-government as a Service platform and convinced us it is a powerful technology layer that allows public administrations to put their services online.

Choosing 11 companies out of 276 applications coming from 26 countries is daunting but it is definitely one of the most rewarding parts of our job as an accelerator. Having new startups at the Roof is always exciting and we are looking forward to welcoming them to the family after the spring holidays. Stay tuned for news on their progress in the next 3 months!