picture004“Officesurfing” is couchsurfing-like experience of “surfing on” others’ offices for a day. It works as a cultural exchange program, a semester abroad, year-long travel to explore the world. Even if it is just for a day. Thus, it

    • gets you exposed to various environments
    • allows you to meet new awesome people
    • breaks your routine by feeding your creativity and adaptability

Come officesurfing at Eleven, regardless if you are on the other side of the continent or just around the corner. Come so we can enjoy together the people, the atmosphere, the wifi and the espresso shots. The rest we can leave to serendipity.

Ostoja has been working as a business developer in the BPO outsourcing sector based out of Bulgaria in the past years. Recently, he joined one of our startups, Legal Trek, as their Director of Business Development Europe.

Can you tell me what happened to you today at 11?

Great time happened. It was very interesting that as soon as I came in I had directly somebody who took care of me ... as it is my first officesurfing I was a little confused. But this disappeared in a few seconds after meeting Daniel Tomov and you, Maggie. The next hours I spent with the girls from Creative Shower and Eleven. meeting some projects on the floor ... amazing time!

What were your expectations (if you have any)?

I didn't have really some ... but it turned out that this is cool as I was very opened minded for every new face.

When did you stumble upon Eleven for the first time?

As a Reiki practitioner, I stopped thinking that things happen by accident ... when I was the first time in the building (1 year ago)  it was just not the time to go a few more steps and to enter the offices ... now the time came and I am grateful for this, so I made it to the second floor at 4 Gurko Street where Eleven is located.

Any tips for future officesurfers?

I was impressed how ready everybody was to spare some time and talk about their project … this open mind I felt very strong at every possible corner of the office. The tip for officesurfers: take it, it’s there ... feel the power of Eleven and contribute to making it even stronger :)

If you want to be our next officesurfer, ping me @margaretdobreva or Vessy @vtasheva

Looking forward to meeting you!