zoriZori is a positive and ever smiling co-founder of a startup ZenQ . This is a mobile app for people interested in positive thinking and living a happy life to express their gratitude and appreciation of others. She visited us twice and I decided to ask her why.

You are here for the second time. Why?

The environment here is great! I think Eleven is one of the coolest places in Sofia for “working from home”. I find very motivating when I see how everything here is buzzing and everyone is doing something. According to the Third Places theory, you have one place to live, another one to work and you need this third place to be creative and escape from the familiarity. Eleven is this third place for me.

So what happens to you when you are officesurfing?

I am here to do my work. Usually, it is quite easy to get distracted, but I think you have a full control of how you want to spend your day. The last time I was here I spoke with Georgi from Enhancv and we came up with an idea to suggest your friends’ startups with the aim to reach these percentage of your friends, who have never heard of entrepreneurship and maybe turn them into potential clients.

How would you advise officesurfers to approach entrepreneurs?

What would I do is first to research the specific person and maybe check his LinkedIn profile? But to be fair, I rely mostly on serendipity. Everything which has happened to me so far I owe to serendipity.