Visa Fintech
Innovation Program

Local talents. Global success.

Visa Fintech Innovation Program, powered by Eleven Ventures, orchestrates the future of digital payments and commerce in Bulgaria. Now local talents can now work on industry challenges to develop the next generation of payment solutions for clients, consumers and merchants. The Program encourages dynamic interaction and real-time experimentation between Visa’s clients and partners and provides startups with guidance around key themes that are important for the growth of the Bulgarian payments industry.

What we look for

We look for and welcome startups’ brightest ideas, enhancing the traditional financial services offering for end consumers and businesses. The Program stimulates the creation of meaningful and worry-free consumer experiences by moving from manufacturer focused to human-centered design approach, stepping on Engagement, Experience, Collaboration and Insipration.


Our environment provides the startup talents with everything they need to work on specific ideas or existing business and industry challenges – from top payment experts’ advisory, networking and mentorship within our community, to access to the latest developers’ infrastructure, available at Visa’s Developer’s Center. It provides simplified and user friendly access to many of Visa’s most in-demand products and services, allowing anyone to transform great ideas into new digital commerce experiences, meeting the industry standards.


Via curated design sprint workshops for dynamic interactions and real-time experimentation, led by our partners from the design-thinking studio Creative Shower, startups’ concepts go through different phases – from new technologies rapid prototyping to market validation – to prove the flawless consumer adoption and tangible market value.


The multifaceted open approach to the entire ecosystem of innovation will utilize the creative environment and community physical space of Eleven, Campus X, where all subject-matter experts will gather to streamline their energy for innovation and co-creation.


We know how hard it is to work on a startup. First, our team and community will be a constant support for you. Whether you have an emerging idea or ready to go solution, reach out to us for a bit of advice or inspiration. Second, through a specially selected set of expert events and meetups, we will be deeper exploring the changing world of fintech, ensuring that you are always on top of the latest global industry trends.

Follow us for our upcoming calendar with events – we will be pleased to get to know each other better.

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