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Happier and Fulfilling Life by Driving Evolution in Healthcare – Mission Possible

April 30, 2019

Vassil Terziev (Eleven), Dimitar Dimitrov (Sopharma Trading), Daniel Tomov (Eleven)


How can technology enhance our lives, redefining fundamental processes with years of existence in the health area? How close is the mass adoption of technologies like 3D tissue and organ printing? Can the future smart pharmacy recognize, remember, reward and recommend personalized medicines and health services based on data and predictive analytics? Do you really believe that the social communities for mutual support and care could impact diseases like Alzheimer’s?

Nowadays the healthcare focus is shifting. We’ve reached an inflection point where innovation and technologies bring change to make life better and to redefine what healthcare might be. The focal point of our existence nowadays becomes preservation and improvement of the overall quality of life by enhancing physical and mental health. It is a holistic process resulting in a happier and fulfilling life for all generations. 

We are eager to embrace all of those since we’ve already gone through these conversations in our minds first. What we, at Eleven and our partners from Sopharma Trading, know for sure is that we are brave enough to start, learn along the way and have a real contribution, no matter how tiny or significant it may be. 

A lot of questions are coming up on how to… 


Today we announce the SOinventure Healthtech Program – our newest endeavour which is focused on using the exponential growth of new technologies in redefining the traditional reactive approach towards healthcare. 

It is inspired by Sopharma Trading which joins forces with us to create a supportive environment for the healthtech ecosystem in a two-folded way: one – empowering startup companies and providing an opportunity for pilot and two – encouraging its own employees to innovate inside the company.

With deep expertise and years of local and regional experience in the healthcare industry, Sopharma Trading is a market leader embracing innovation. The company operates in diverse market segments from wholesale of medicines, consumables, exclusive – cosmetic & OTC brands, Medical Equipment Solutions and all the way to having their retail SOpharmacy chain with 50 outlets in Bulgaria nationwide.

Sopharma Trading is already envisioning the future of health and is eager to invest and streamline resources, experts and know-how for shifting the focus from treating illness to sustaining wellness. It has the right motivation and infrastructure in place to run alongside Eleven…


The improved access to integrated healthcare services throughout the whole life no matter of your location, building connected social communities and the overall enhancement of people’s lives are some of the topics that provoked us to create the SOinventure program. It consists of two tracks fostering the entrepreneurial mindset and encouraging innovation. 

The external program track is open to all healthtech startups. It is built in a way, which allows collaborative work and interactions between startups with MVPs, design thinking experts, enterprise representatives and health specialists that address pre-defined marketwide challenges. The startups with the best developments within the program will have the opportunity to launch a commercial pilot with Sopharma Trading upon completion of the Program.

The internal program track, on the other hand, is available only to Sopharma Trading’s employees where the best employees’ ideas can start their own life as a corporate sponsored project within the company. In this way, Sopharma Trading will build internal capabilities for innovation and will groom their own intrapreneurs.

The two tracks shall run in parallel yet independently, as each one has its own separate goals, participants and program to follow. Ideally, the two tracks shall complement each other, since they will focus on three pre-defined healthtech opportunity areas in which we are looking for solutions. Possibilities for cross-pollination between the intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are also specifically designed within the program.


  • Building the future smart pharmacy

How might we turn the pharmacy of today into a one-stop shop for personalized health, well-being and prevention?

  • Safe, healthy and integrated elderly society

How might we improve the quality of life and care for the elderly?

  • Lifelong digital health management

How might we transition from reactive to proactive, preventive, and holistic healthcare?

You can see the full description of the three opportunity areas on the SOinventure website here.


We understand how hard, time and capital consuming it may be for startups to collaborate with and win the trust of big corporate companies. At the same time, big enterprises can largely benefit from the innovation potential and implementation speed which startup companies possess, but sometimes they speak different languages.

To address this challenge, we teamed up with reliable partners. The design thinking studio Creative Shower will be responsible for designing, tailoring and executing the program’s activities according to the startups’ and corporate needs. Creative Shower is heading the Design Thinking lab of Eleven since the very beginning and apart from the work with startups, it has significant corporate experience in helping companies in their innovation transformation efforts. 

Campus X, the biggest private incubator and hub for tech companies and talent in South-East Europe, will be hosting the external SOinventure Healthtech Program and further nurture the environment with its extensive mentor network.   

Applications for the external SOinventure Healthtech Program just kicked-off. If you believe in the bright future of healthcare and your startup is already working on solutions in the three main opportunity areas, learn more about the program or apply on F6S.

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