How to get funding

We have a rolling application, where at any time you can fill out and send your project for review. Every week we shall be inviting selected projects for a first round of interviews. Your chances of getting to an interview increase dramatically if your project is referred by an alumnus, mentor or investor of Eleven. If we decide to continue beyond our first meeting, we shall request additional information, references and arrange several meetings with relevant people from our network who can help us better assess the investment opportunity.

In the final step, you shall be invited to present your Investment Deck to the Investment Committee of the Fund. We take our decisions at the end of the committee meeting unless we need some further due diligence. The whole process from the first meeting to potential approval for investment should not take more than a month.

Once again, the best way to get our attention, though, is through a referral from someone we know and trust. We have hundreds of alumni, mentors, and partners and chances are, if a company is looking for funding in this part of the world, they know some of these people.