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Eleven’s 4

Similarly to the startups we invest in, Eleven is constantly evolving and fine tuning its model. With our second fund we moved away from the accelerator model towards more selective pre-seed and seed investments in somewhat more mature teams and companies. Now that we have started fundraising for our third fund, we are making another important change in our investment strategy, namely focusing on 4 verticals.
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Eleven welcomes two new Partners

We are very pleased to officially announce that both Valeri Petrov and Martin Ouzounov are now partners at Eleven. Besides very good friends of Eleven, Valeri and Martin have been actively involved in our development, particularly during the last years. Valeri has been a mentor at Eleven since the very beginning, an advisory board member of our first fund and lately a Chairman of the Board of our publicly listed vehicle Eleven Capital AD.
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The Telehealth Company Healee Joins #OneOf11

HealthTech is among our four main priority verticals as an investor. It has the power to preserve, transform and improve lives. More than ever it requires innovation, new approaches and bold entrepreneurs to tackle pressing challenges. We are very happy to announce that some of these visionary entrepreneurs pushing HealthTech forward are the founders of Healee, our newest investment together with HR Capital.
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Welcome Ondo and Eljoy to #OneOf11

Two new companies are joining the #OneOf11 family in April. Without further adieu, let’s take a closer look and ONDO and Eljoy. ONDO (IndigoVerge). Eleven has made an investment in IndigoVerge – a company with 15+ years of experience in developing web and mobile applications serving the IoT and Industrial Automation domain.
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Welcome Kool and Konscious and LogSentinel to #OneOf11

That’s right – we’ve got two new companies joining the #OneOf11 family in November and we are pretty stoked about them. As a matter of fact, they are very different from one another – a sustainable fashion marketplace and a data security company. As always the two commonalities they have is the exceptional founding team and the potential for growth.
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Happier and Fulfilling Life by Driving Evolution in Healthcare – Mission Possible

How can technology enhance our lives, redefining fundamental processes with years of existence in the health area? How close is the mass adoption of technologies like 3D tissue and organ printing? Can the future smart pharmacy recognize, remember, reward and recommend personalized medicines and health services based on data and predictive analytics?
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