One-size-fits-all acceleration programs are broken. Each and every startup requires different resources and knowledge at a different phase, depending on industry, team, progress and other factors. This is the reason why we designed a VC Platform, which can be tailored to the needs of companies at the earliest stage of their development when support and guidance can truly make or break them.

  • Capital

    We believe in capital efficiency - the right amount of money with the right timing. We invest as a first investor in pre-seed funding rounds with ticket sizes starting from EUR 100,000. The Founders Fund shall have the ability to follow with up to EUR 200,000 more.

    We can help secure full-fledged follow-on seed rounds (EUR 500,000+) for our portfolio companies from amongst the Fund’s investors, featuring some of the most active angel and seed investors in the region.

  • #OneOf11 Family

    Some call it “Community” while our founders call it a Family. Our team and 300+ founders from our portfolio will be working alongside with you passing on valuable knowledge and lessons from the trenches. With a combination of Founders Weekends, CEO gatherings and industry meetups among the family, you will find your first customers, new friends, and unique perspective.

  • The right mentors

    Through our extensive network of 500+ alumni and mentors, coupled with our partnerships with GAN and EBAN, we can reach nearly everyone, but definitely the people that can help our companies make better decisions. Perhaps, more importantly, we have 30 active private investors in the Fund, or mentors with skin in the game so to say. All of them are successful entrepreneurs in their own domains, having built some of the biggest businesses in the region. They are all willing and ready to share their experience and contacts in order to boost the performance of each portfolio company.

  • Continuous learning

    We believe that learning should be lifelong and tailored. This is why we abandon the unified program approach. Instead, with a smart mix of one-on-one deep dives, company-specific design sprints, individually tailored mentor meetings, key topics delivered several times per year; domain workshops, office hours, CEO gatherings and Founders Weekends you will get an all the knowledge you need at your own fast pace.

  • One Roof to unite us all

    Every family needs a home. Our home is the place which unites us. We require all companies, we invest in, to join us at the Roof for at least 6 months, preferably 12. We strongly believe that much of the early life of a startup should be spent in the right setting, mingling with similar minded people and getting the benefit of daily interaction with us and your peers in order to build the proper rapport among us.

  • Technology perks

    We know that for startups every penny counts, especially in the early days. Therefore, through the partnerships, we’ve established our startups have access to technology products and services with a total value of over EUR 1 million.

What companies do we invest in?

Our investment focus is currently on technology companies that have early traction and proof of concept, looking for partners and resources to help them scale. We are interested in tech startups from South-East Europe with global potential. Teams who are solving a real challenge and have global ambition for growth. We remain open to all sectors and industries, with some affinity towards B2B software, SaaS and hardware products. We have a particular interest in projects addressing global trends and challenges, such as a growing and aging population in a time when the sustainability of resources and privacy concerns are hot topics and the need for smarter/friendlier/cleaner cities is growing.

How to get funding

We have a rolling application, where at any time you can fill out and send your project for review. Every week we shall be inviting selected projects for a first round of interviews.' Your chances of getting to an interview increase dramatically, if your project is referred by an alumnus, mentor or investor of Eleven. If we like what we see/here during our first meeting, we shall request additional information, references and arrange several meetings with relevant people from our network who can help us to better assess the investment opportunity. In the final step, you shall be invited to present your Investment Deck to the Investment Committee of the Fund. We take our decisions at the end of the committee meeting unless we need some further due diligence. The whole process from the first meeting to potential approval for investment should not take more than a month.

Once again, the best way to get our attention, though, is through a referral from someone we know and trust. We have hundreds of alumni, mentors, and partners and chances are, if a company is looking for funding in this part of the world, they know some of these people.

If you don’t find an answer to your question check out our FAQ page.