LogSentinel is a blockchain-inspired secure audit trail service providing log aggregation and GDPR-related solutions. LogSentinel can help fine-tune the data security processes, achieve legal compliance, and be able to store all activity-related evidence in one place. The blockchain-based technology will ensure that no one will be able to intentionally modify or delete event logs.

Anton Gerunov, COO and Co-founder of LogSentinel shares his perspective on the investment: “The investment by Eleven will take us to the next level – it will enable us to expand the team and push even more efforts towards staying ahead of the market with our truly innovative products and features. Apart from strengthening our product offering, it will help us speak loud and clear about our mission to bring top-notch security and privacy to the most sophisticated customers globally.”

Bozhidar Bozhanov, CEO and Founder elaborates even further: “We aim to grow fast and this investment comes at the precise moment when we are seeing increasing interest in our technology. We have the tough job of bringing privacy and security beyond mere compliance, but such challenges are what makes a difference, and we are confident that our investors believe in our vision.”

Our Partner, Daniel Tomov, comments on the investment: “Cybersecurity is a very competitive and challenging industry playing a key role in today’s technologically advancing world – corporations, banks, SME’s and even individuals have to think about enhancing data security and preventing unlawful use of information. The team of LogSentinel proved with their work throughout the last couple of years that they are highly capable professionals who deliver world-class services to their clients. It is a pleasure for us to have them as part of Eleven and support them in their growth.”

To learn more about LogSentinel visit their website – https://logsentinel.com/